The Best Baby Music CD

The first thing most mornings, after a feeding and a diaper change, my baby, my dog, and I go downstairs. I let the dog out to potty and I say to baby, “How ‘bout music?” in my baby tone. She smiles, and I turn on our favorite CD, Baby Genius Dreamtime Lullabies. Then, I put her in her bouncy chair on the kitchen table and she bounces and kicks her legs to the beat. Throughout the day, I play it several more times. We have tons of CDs, and I play some of them sometimes. But this one stands out among the rest. All of the songs are instrumental and are played by flamenco guitarist Carlos Villalobos.

It features such well-known children’s songs as This Old Man, Twinkle Little Star, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider (10 songs in all, approximately 45 minutes of music), but with a catchy yet soothing flair. It’s not too kiddy – won’t have the words to “London Bridges” playing in your head over and over – yet it’s kiddy enough – the classic songs are recognizable. My baby loves it, my husband loves it, I love it, and I’m pretty sure the dog loves it too.

I highly recommend this CD to anyone with a baby or kids of any age. You can find it (and even preview the songs) on


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