7 Reasons Babies Rock!

Babies are the best! There’s nothing else like them. Here are some of the reasons why they rock:

1) They completely trust your judgment no matter what.
You can dress them in head-to-toe pink everyday if you want to. They don’t care. You can stick bows on their heads. Fine with them. You can contort them into the car seat, stick them in the backseat, facing backward, and go for a drive. They’re not only fine with it, they’re so comfortable, they take a little snooze. You can feed them bland rice cereal (recipe: dry rice cereal mixed with formula or breast milk). It’s like a gourmet meal and you’re a fantastic chef! What’s for dinner tonight? Pureed peas (recipe: pureed peas out of jar). Wonderful!

2) They like it when you sing, regardless of what your voice sounds like.
You don’t even have to know the words, you can make up your own words, you can squeak, screech, squeal, and they are okay with it. Sing like a Muppet and they love it even more.

3) They will watch the same DVD over and over again …
… and get excited about it. Even if they’ve seen those kids running down the hill a thousand times, singing “She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain,” they are completely enthralled.

4) They think you’re funny (not a dork).
The goofier you act, the better. Sing, dance, talk like Elmo, make funny faces in public. It’s cool. You always have a fan who thinks that’s great.

5) They let you hug and kiss them as often as you want (and that’s pretty often).
Even if you just did it 2 seconds ago. Even if you’re going to do it again in 2 seconds from now. Bring it on.

6) They smell so good (despite what comes out of them and goes into the Diaper Genie).
I don’t know what it is. They just have that baby smell that – along with that baby feel, that baby sound, that baby style, and that baby look – makes them irresistible and leads to more of #5.

7) They’re just so darn cute!!!
Soft, squishy, yummy. Those big eyes, long lashes, chubby cheeks, rolly legs, gummy smile … all that great baby stuff. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, you see them and all is right with the world.

Everything they are and do makes them incomparably adorable. Those are just some of the many reasons why babies rock!


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