Sleep Deprivation + Multitasking + Technology = Loss of Computer Files

Ok, I know I’m tired when the more efficient I try to be, the less (much much less) efficient I am, and the more ridiculous mistakes I make. Mistakes that don’t even make sense! Yesterday, for example, while trying to multitask (not a good idea when seriously sleep-deprived) in the late afternoon, I completely lost several important files on my computer desktop.

Yes, I know I was supposed to clean off my desktop many days ago, weeks ago, and put those files in other files in My Documents and stuff. I was going to get to that – later (procrastination is another issue, but not the topic here). But how was I supposed to know that something as simple as downloading a file off of a thumb drive would lead to complete chaos. I really don’t know how it happened, but little mishaps snowballed into one big fiasco. The more I tried to correct my mistakes, the bigger mess I made. It’s much more complicated than it should be.

I could blame it on the baby (she was sitting on my lap at the time, and she does have a little something to do with why I’m so sleep deprived), but I won’t. It was absolutely my fault. I should have known from past experience that when I’m deliriously tired I need to step away from all technological devices. It never leads to anything good.

But being so tired, I guess I forgot. So, now I hope that the IT guy coming over later this afternoon can clean up my mess, and retrieve my files. Meanwhile, since I can’t go to bed – I have to go to class, get home at 11 p.m. and then tend to a very wakeful baby – I’ll limit my multitasking and any movement of files from one location to another.


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