Sleep Deprivation Aftermath – On the Road to Recovery (At Least Temporarily)

So, the computer guy came over Wednesday evening (while I was at school) and worked really hard to fix my stupid mistake. I talked with him several times over the phone while he trouble shot, used a special disk to recover files, and did other technical stuff. He told me that he was able to save several files – one in particular that had a lot of school stuff on it. He put the files safely in My Documents (where they should have been in the first place). Unfortunately, I don’t even know how many files I actually lost (I probably will discover more and more missing as I look for them as needed). Also, many of the files he recovered are ruined – they have that gibberish all over them (please excuse my lack of knowing the correct technology terms – not my area of expertise, obviously). But, he did recover many, for which I am thankful.

Anyway, I’m slowly on the path to recovery from lack of sleep. As it’s the weekend, my husband’s off work and has gotten up with the baby (at the crack of dawn) and allowed me to sleep in (two days in a row!!!). I feel renewed, like someone with a functioning brain. This is good because a functioning brain is really helpful in graduate school, especially when studying for midterms. Tomorrow my mother-in-law is going to come over at 7 a.m. so that my husband and I can both sleep in. We are really excited!

As the new week begins, I will be nice and refreshed. By the time I’m hit again with the effects of sleep deprivation, it will be the end of the week, and I’ll have gotten my thinking-required tasks done (midterms, big assignments, etc.). And before I know it, it’ll be the weekend again.


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