Some Fun, Favorite Toys

Here are a few of my baby girl’s (now 8 months old) favorite little toys.

Sea Life Critters
She loves these little sea life bath toys that my mother-in-law got for her. She plays with them on her high chair tray (and then the floor one by one).

Her Baby
She loves this doll (Carters, First Year) and has preferred it over other dolls (and stuffed animals, objects, etc.) from early on. It’s cute, soft, squishy, and machine washable.

She loves this hanging butterfly by Bright Starts – it has Velcro on it and you can hang it from any toy bar. She now likes to hold onto it, look at it, and explore its crinkly wings (and of course, put it in her mouth).

Baby Einstein Octoplush
She’s had this one from birth, but more recently started exploring its tentacles and being amused by what it does – plays music when you squeeze its head/body, and says colors (in English, Spanish, or French, depending on what setting you have it on) when you squeeze its feet.


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