Baby’s First and Second Words: It’s All About Daddy and Ducks

My baby’s first and favorite word was/is “Dada.” Actually it started when she just turned 8 months old. One night she out-of-the-blue started yelling “da-da-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da!” She did it over and over again. Now, two months later, she says it all the time. And she varies it in pitch, voice fluctuation, syllables, accompanying facial expressions, gestures, etc. She uses it to address her Dada. But she also uses it to address me (her Mama). Every day, I repeat to her “Ma… ma. Ma… ma.” She looks at me and says, “Da… da.” A few mornings ago, when it was my morning to sleep in (my husband and I take turns on days off), I went downstairs and into the family room, where Siena and Dada were sitting and playing on the floor. She looked at me, lit up with a huge smile, excitedly blurted “Da… da!” and held her arms out to me. My husband and I laughed.

About a week ago, Siena said her second word. It was bath time. My husband was filling up her big, pink, blow-up ducky bathtub that quacks loudly when you squeeze its beak. I was holding Siena, and repeating some quacking sounds (let me add that I often make quacking sounds in reference to many toy ducks around the house, and I sing, “… with a quack quack here and a quack quack there…” at which she is always amused). Suddenly, Siena said, “Quack quack.” My husband looked up. We couldn’t believe it. She said it exactly two more times within the next 5 minutes, and has not said it since.

Since then, I have continued my urging of “Ma… ma. Come on, say Mama” as well as trying to get her to say “Quack quack” again. So far, it hasn’t happened. Until it does, “Da… da” is fine with me.


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