Sometimes Things Have a Strange Way of Working Out

Weird day. My husband was supposed to have surgery this morning — to correct a deviated septum, widen some pretty narrow nasal passages, and remove tonsils and adenoids. He was crazy to want to do all of this, and I was not able to talk him out of it (I tried, believe me). I was worried about him. He didn’t seem to understand how much pain he was going to be in, how major of an operation this (four procedures!!!), and how difficult the recovery was going to be. He’s a tough guy, and was pretty confident that he would be “just fine” (his words). He didn’t listen to the many people who warned him about getting your tonsils out as an adult – things like, for them or someone they knew, recovery took 4 or 6 weeks, that it was the most painful thing they’ve done, that if they had it to do over again, they wouldn’t, that when swallowing, it felt like glass being scraped down their throat, etc. I was worried for him and, quite frankly, for me – I already have one baby to take care of. What kind of patient would he be – not able to breathe through his gauze-packed nose or able to talk or swallow through his cut-up throat.

Anyway, sometimes things have a way of working themselves out. Long story short, due to some complications – his blood pressure was too high and he had taken aspirin in the last week (as discovered via the pre-op questionnaire) – the doctor opted to postpone the surgery. My husband was disappointed. He wanted to get it done. I was relieved. I now had time to try to talk him out of the tonsil and adenoid part. Oddly enough, as we were driving away from the surgery center, my husband’s good friend (who didn’t even know he was going to have surgery) called. When my husband told his friend what had happened, the friend told him yet another horror story about tonsil removal (his brother had it, had torn a suture when he coughed, wished he never had done it, said it really messed him up). This was the clincher. When my husband reschedules the surgery, it will be nasal-based only; tonsils and adenoids will stay right where they are.

So, we went out to breakfast and then to the mall to buy some cosmetics I needed and a new pair of boots. I told my husband, “This day turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be.”


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