Full Steam Ahead with Husband’s Reverse Nose Job

Once my husband has his mind set on something, it’s no use trying to talk him out of it. As he says, he’s “full steam ahead.” Case in point, tomorrow he’s having surgery. To me, it’s not a necessary surgery. It’s elective, although not in the sense of being plastic surgery. He’s having his nasal passages widened (he was told by the doctor who’s doing the surgery, that his are too narrow) and his deviated septum fixed. I’ve joked that he’s having a reverse nose job, and that maybe his nose will be bigger/wider after surgery.

They have to go in there and do some kind of cutting, scraping and moving things around. I don’t know the details (and I don’t want to). But I’m pretty sure the recovery will be painful – much more so than “just a few days of discomfort,” which my husband said the doctor told him. Mind you, this is the same doctor who was willing to cut out his tonsils and adenoids (which was originally part of the plan, but is not anymore) see January 21, 2010 post: http://mommy-living.blogspot.com/2010/01/sometimes-things-have-strange-way-of.html ). So, I am sure he’s going to be VERY VERY uncomfortable.

All that and no reward as with plastic surgery — a smaller nose, smoother skin, a lifted brow, or plumper lips (not that he needs any of that). He believes that he will be able to breathe better. That’s a pretty good payoff, except, to be honest, to my knowledge he didn’t really have trouble breathing besides during that sinus infection which brought him to this doctor in the first place. Also, there’s a “chance” that this surgery will fix my husband’s snoring problem – a 40% chance! Those aren’t good odds. Frankly, I think my husband’s snoring issue is primarily due to his preferring to sleep on his back.

Anyway, tomorrow morning I take him to the surgery center and wait until he emerges – stuffed packed swollen nose, black eyes, REALLY unable to breathe, and God knows what else! Then we go home, where my mother-in-law will be babysitting my 10-month-old, and she and I will take care of both of them until I have to leave for school. And, I HAVE to go to school tomorrow night, so I really feel for my M-in-L. So, full steam ahead, I guess.


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