Husband’s Surgery Follow-Up

My husband’s nasal surgery last week was so much more uneventful than I thought it would be (he had his deviated septum fixed and nasal passages widened; he did not have the tonsils removed). Here’s how it went. (I’ll skip ahead to after the surgery was finished and the doctor came out and told me everything went great).

About an hour after that, the nurse calls me in. I walk back toward a curtain, where underneath, the unknown awaits. I am talking myself into being calm, neutral, and nonreactive. “Just smile,” I thought to myself, “no matter how black and blue or scary he looks.” Then, as I get to the curtain, I cautiously peek around it and … “Oh, you look good,” I said to my husband, surprised. He just gazed at me, still in a haze from the anesthesia. There were no black eyes. No bigger, wider nose. Not even any swelling (on the outside). He just looked tired and had a piece of gauze taped under his nose. After helping him get dressed, I drove him home, where he spent the rest of the day in bed watching TV and trying to decide what he was hungry for, and taking pain medication every four hours. The only pain he complained of was a sore throat (from the breathing tube that was stuck down his throat during surgery), but that was gone by the next day. He was also uncomfortable not being able to breathe through his gauze-packed nose.

The next day, he got the packing pulled out of his nostrils and was free to go on with life as normal (he was advised not to go running or jogging, to lift anything really heavy, or to blow his nose for about a week). Every day since then has gotten progressively easier, and now, not even a week later, he’s back to his old self. It’s yet to be seen if his snoring problem has been fixed. I’m crossing my fingers.


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