Visions of Adorable Valentine’s Photos in My Head

This morning I had visions of getting some really cute Valentine’s pictures of my little girl to give as gifts to Daddy, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and to commemorate her first Valentine’s Day. I was going to take several photos of her wearing 3 different outfits – her red “My First Valentine’s Day” onesie and red pants; a white and soft pink outfit with a pretty pink headband; and a deep red taffeta party dress. I was going to get shots of her with different Valentine’s props including these beautiful glittery hearts (a pink one and a giant red one), a silky red and pink heart, etc., in different locations. I thought I’d have lots of great pictures to choose from.

It didn’t quite turn out as I had planned.

Having refused to take her morning nap as she did, my baby was not about to cooperate. Fussy from being tired and fighting sleep, she was not the model I needed her to be. I’d get her to sit up, and she’d immediately start squirming away, turning around, lunging forward, or heading toward various items she saw in the room.

I should have known that my visions were a long-shot. I tried anyway, and called it a day after the first outfit. You can see it here in these photos. I may try again tomorrow. We’ll see.



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