My Baby’s Favorite DVDs: Baby Genius Nursery Rhymes and Baby Animals

I’m not a huge fan of plopping my baby in front of the TV all day so I can get stuff done – I’ve pretty much resigned myself to getting very little done when just she and I are at home. I’m not saying that my time with her isn’t productive – what I’m getting done is spending quality time with my baby, which is more important than everything else. I’m saying I’m not getting other things done – like writing, homework, housework, dishes, putting stuff away, laundry, makeup on my face, things like that. Well, sometimes I get some of that stuff done, but not much of it.

Anyway, even if I tried to just plop her down, she’s not exactly ploppable. She’s pretty squirmy and social and would rather interact with her companion (me, mostly).

But, let’s face it, there are times during the day when we both need a little break. The Jumparoo, the Fisher Price playhouse, the Musical Playground and the thousands of toys all over the house only go so far. It is at those times that the TV and a few select DVDs are a nice diversion.

However, being a mostly unploppable child, my baby (now 11 months) doesn’t like very many DVDs. She doesn’t like Baby Einstein at all. It fails to get her attention. She wasn’t too crazy about Barney (for which I’m kind of glad), the Wiggles, or Elmo. What she does like, no, LOVE, are two of the Baby Genius DVDs: “Favorite Nursery Rhymes” and “Baby Animals” (she also likes watching the “Your Baby Can Read” DVDs, but that’s a whole other topic to be discussed at a later time). She has been watching these DVDs since she was tiny (maybe 2 months old?). I think she likes them because they’re so lively, with music, singing, and vivid visuals of kids and animals. They are pretty catchy. The nursery rhymes DVD features songs like “Old McDonald’s Farm,” “ABC’s,” “Ring Around the Rosie,” “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” and many more. The “Baby Animals” DVD was filmed at the San Diego zoo and wild animal park and includes original songs like “At the Zoo,” “Baby Elephants,” “The Ape Family,” etc. It features animals – monkeys, meerkats, giraffes, flamingos, pandas, ducks, lions, and more – in action that my baby loves to look at.

My baby becomes very animated when she watches these DVDs. The very first time I played the Nursery Rhymes for her she started kicking her legs to the rhythm in her bouncy chair. Now, she sits up on her own and moves her body to the beat as she watches. She has also started to lip sync to the songs.

I would recommend these DVDs to parents of infants and toddlers. Baby Genius has other DVDs as well, including a Sleepytime one, which we have, but for reasons already mentioned, isn’t a favorite of hers. I, on the other hand, really wish she’d give it a chance.



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