Husband Wants to Know How He Can Make My Life Easier

I think that when my husband asks, “What can I do to make your life easier?” (Yes, he actually asks me that from time to time), he doesn’t really want an answer. It’s rhetorical, and meant to let me know he cares.

Responses I’ve given that he likes include “Just keep doing what you’re doing” or “Just the fact that you’re asking helps.”

Responses I’ve given that he doesn’t like include anything that begins with “Well, you could _________” (fill in the blank).

If you happen to know my husband, and you read this, please don’t tell him I told you.

Because, in all fairness, he does do a lot to make my life easier. I’m pretty sure he does more than a lot of other husbands. He’s wired that way – a doer, task-oriented, and a tad OCD. But that’s what I need. That’s what gets things done around here.

I’ve joked that OCD + ADD (me, sort of) = L-O-V-E. Actually, we balance each other out. He gives me that extra spark to get stuff done, and I calm him.

Because my husband does so much, maybe I should ask him what I could do to make his life easier. Nah, I don’t think I really want an answer. Because I’m pretty sure it would start with “Well, you could ______.”

Maybe I’ll just tell him I appreciate all he does.


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