Baby’s First Birthday Party – No Bells, Whistles, Clowns, or Ponies

Part of me thinks that I should be doing more for my baby’s 1st birthday, like throwing a big party with clowns (or princesses), pony rides, a bounce house, goody bags, etc. But the other part of me (the one I’m siding with on this) thinks nah, maybe next year.

I just don’t have it in me this year. And here are some reasons why I don’t think my daughter really needs a blowout party for her 1st birthday:

Her birthday’s on a Wednesday – so we’d celebrate the weekend before, but we’re getting our taxes done out-of-town that Saturday (my husband made the appointment back in November) and we’ll be staying at my mom’s (which is near our tax guy). My husband is working the entire following weekend, and therefore won’t be able to help with it at all, and actually not even be able to be there until the end.

Her birthday’s on St. Patrick’s Day – I’m not sure why that makes a difference, but I’m sure there’s a reason

Logistics – a lot of our friends and family don’t live nearby; we’d want to invite all the kids on our street and there are many – more supplies, more cost, more space needed, which leads to:

Our backyard is tiny – so we’d have to have it at the park, and in March, I’m not sure what the weather is going to be like, and I’d have to order a tent and all kinds of other stuff (e.g., bounce house, train, pony rides, etc.). And, most importantly:

She will be 1 year old – she won’t get much out of it, won’t remember it, and probably would rather be home playing with her toys. I know it’s a milestone birthday, which is the reason for my thinking maybe I should be doing more. I see a lot of other parents go all out for this event. I’ve been to one-year birthday parties, and a lot of times they’re really fun for the other kids there (all those above the age of 1). I’ve seen super hero impersonators, train rides, balloon animals, puppet shows, the works.

Actually, next Saturday we’ll be at my mom’s house, where we will have a dinner party in our baby’s honor with family and close friends. But there won’t be ponies, clowns, or even many kids for that matter. It will just be dinner, presents for her to open, and cake (plus a small cake or cupcake for her to demolish, which is a 1st birthday must, and a great photo op). On her actual birthday, on the Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll probably do another even smaller celebration, maybe with another tiny cake for smashing, and maybe some green beer for us.

I am pretty sure that there will be lots of great birthday parties in her future. In fact, I should probably start planning her 2nd birthday party blowout now.


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