Academy Awards and Movies in General, Not My Scene These Days

Back in the day (by “the day” I mean a few years back, and before baby), I used to make a point of seeing as many movies with Academy Award nominations as I could before award night. Then, I’d watch the show with excitement and some insight, get in on bets (who or what I thought “would” and/or “should” win this or that).

This year, not only have I not seen any of the movies up for awards (except for two: “The Blind Side” which my husband and I saw on one of our few-and-far-between date nights and had heard that we “had to see it” because it was so uplifting, and it was, and “Julie and Julia” which we rented because I just had to see a movie that involved both food and blogging – I really liked both movies by-the-way), I didn’t even know who or what was even nominated until I Googled it an hour ago. (Yes, I know that was a really long sentence). I also didn’t realize the Academy Awards were on tonight until just a few days ago. Yes, I have been out-of-touch.

I used to love the awards shows. I loved the whole red carpet coverage, the fashion, the after parties, the Barbara Walters post-show interviews. I even had the chance to cover, as a reporter, the Academy Awards and Emmys Red Carpet fashion, about which I was thrilled. That was a long time ago.

Anyway, because I liked both of the movies I did see so much, and I have no knowledge of any of the other ones, if I end up watching any of the show tonight, I’ll root for Sandra or Meryl for best actress, and “The Blind Side” for best movie. Other than that, I suppose I can enjoy seeing who’s wearing what on the red carpet. Although, fashion and getting dressed up has really, REALLY not been my scene lately.


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