10 Things I’ve Noticed About Myself Since Becoming a Mom

1) I eat much faster than I used to (sometimes while standing up).
2) I rarely, if ever, wear high heels.
3) I hardly ever get dressed up.
4) I often don’t bother putting on makeup or blow drying my hair if I’m not going anywhere.
5) I avoid going anywhere if I don’t have to (it involves so much prep).
6) I seldom go “out” (like out on the town, dinner, movies, dancing, you know, nightlife stuff).
7) My hair is almost always up in a pony tail or on top of my head in some capacity.
8) I say the word “love” about 100 times a day (maybe more).
9) I sing out loud, in front of people.
10) I think and talk about sleep a lot.


One comment

  1. #8 is incorrect. It's more like 1,000. I've only been up an hour and a half and I've already said “love” at least 30 times (and that was before coffee).


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