Curious Baby Antics

These are some of the perplexing behaviors exhibited my baby (and, I’m told, by others):

The more tired she is, the more she fights sleep. I want to tell her, “Do you know how lucky you are to be able to take a nap any time you want to? Go with it!”

The hair pulling. I already ALWAYS have it up in a ponytail! Yet, she still manages to grab onto it and yank out a few strands. This seems to be getting better though. She seems to be getting the message that it hurts. When she starts to go for it, I say, “soft” and model a gentle stroking motion near my head, which she is starting to imitate.

The fake cough. She’s been doing this one for a while. The doctor said babies do this because they can, it’s a fun sound to make, and it gets them attention. She became so good at it, that I didn’t notice at first when she actually had a cold.

The fake cry. Very dramatic; almost Oscar-worthy. Lately, it’s often curable with an animated “Itsy Bitsy Spider” performance, which she is now starting to mimic.

The fascination with things she’s not supposed to have (is it just human nature? a preview of things to come? oh, I hope not), like paper towels, plastic wrappers, the TV remote, again, my hair, the tiny little panel on the front of the TV, etc.

Biting. She started doing this seemingly for the shocked reaction it got. I think this one was short lived (knock on wood) though. She hasn’t done it in several days.


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