A Year Ago Today … I Had “That Look”

It was a Friday. My husband and I went to my 37 week prenatal check-up. When my doctor walked into the examining room, she looked at me and said “I think you’re going to have this baby soon. You have ‘that look.’”

She couldn’t tell me exactly what “that look” was, but she knew it well.

She explained that there is a certain look women get right before they give birth. It was kind of like a peacefulness, a “done”ness, some type of aura or feeling they give off. Again, she couldn’t say what it was really. She had seen it many times before (she had been an OB/GYN for numerous years), and she was usually right about it. I told her that I hoped she was right this time because I was so ready for my baby to be born. The thought of 3 (or more) weeks more of being pregnant exhausted me.

She examined me, and I wasn’t dilated yet. However, the baby had already “dropped” down almost 2 weeks before; and, earlier that week, twice I had what’s called (I’m sorry for this, it sounds kind of gross), “bloody show.” These incidents had resulted in me going to the hospital twice for false alarms.

These might have been signs that my baby would be here soon.

But when?

My husband and I were going out of town that weekend. We were getting our taxes done on Saturday, having dinner and staying at my mom’s house Saturday night, and then going to a family baby shower in our honor at his relatives’ house on Sunday. We planned to return home on Monday. My doctor gave me the okay to go out of town (it’s only an hour and a half away), but only with the requirement that my husband drive.

Because my doctor was going to a conference in San Francisco the following Monday and Tuesday, she kiddingly asked me not to have the baby on either of those days. I said, “I’ll try to wait until Thursday or Friday.” That would have been perfect, I thought. Then I would be 38 weeks pregnant.

So, a year ago today, things were progressing. I just didn’t know yet how much. By the end of that day, I was not yet in labor. I went to bed that night wondering what my certain “look” meant. I would find out soon.

Today, one year since that very telling doctor appointment, my husband, baby, and I are heading out of town. Today, like last year, we’re getting our taxes done, followed by dinner at my mom’s house. This time, the dinner is to celebrate my baby’s first birthday.

Stay tuned …


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