A Great Photographer Captures Priceless Moments

I take pictures of my baby all the time. But once in while it’s a treat to have professional photos taken. In the last year (the first year of my baby’s life), I’ve only done it three times. The first time was at the hospital when she was 2 days old. The second time was at JC Penney when she was 5 months old. (Note: I’d like to point out that I love the photos from these two sessions very much).The third time was at 9 months old with an independent photographer, who I highly recommend. Anne Hutton in Camarillo, California, is amazing. She has a way with babies. Mine lit up with her and turned into a total ham in front of the camera. I have posted (above) some of the beautiful photos she took for us. There are also ones of my baby by herself: one where she is being followed by baby chicks, another wearing a hat and a string of pearls, and some where she’s wearing a tutu. Anne also has a great selection of beautiful framing options (like the one shown in the top photo and others that are created by local artisans).You can find her contact info at http://www.annehuttonphotography.com/


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