Some of Our Favorite Children’s Books

My 1-year-old daughter loves books. Some she likes to have read to her, and others she enjoys looking through on her own. The following (which are pictured above) are some of my baby’s favorite books right now.

Don’t Wake Up the Bear by Marjorie Dennis Murray – This is currently the book that my baby most likes having read to her. It has a great story, beautiful drawings, and lots of suspense. Baby loves and anticipates the repetition of the line “Don’t wake up the bear!” and subsequent turning of the page. The story has a great ending with a twist.

When I’m Feeling Happy by Trace Moroney – This is a “touch and feel book” with adorable illustrations and a positive message. It features a cute bunny talking about all the things that make him happy, such as being with friends, baking cookies with Grandma, camping with Dad, and so on. He also talks about the effects happiness has on him: more patience, kindness, and helping others feel better.

Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz – This board book features the counting out of 10 different kinds of hugs Daddy gives Baby (e.g., hide-and-seek hugs and peek-a-boo pajama hugs) and concludes with hugs goodnight.

Noisy Peekaboo! – We call this the “Woof Woof book.” My baby loves to look at the photos of real babies playing with toys, and lifting the flaps that reveal all kinds of fun underneath. Under some of the flaps are toys that make noises including a cat that meows, a donkey that he-haws, a bee that buzzes, a chick that cheeps, and a dog that woofs.

Dr. Seuss’s Wet Pet, Dry Pet, Your Pet, My Pet! A Book of Pettable Pets – This is classic, silly Dr. Seuss, with fun things to touch – like a yellow pet’s long hair, the blue feathery hair of another pet, and some movable rings on another animal’s antlers. This book is rich with Dr. Seuss-ness.

Where is Baby’s Mommy? by Karen Katz – In this board book, Baby and Mommy are playing hide-and-seek. As Baby tries to find Mommy, we lift the flaps revealing that no, Mommy’s not in the closet, the Baby’s wagon is in the closet, and so forth. Ultimately, Baby finds Mommy in her secret hiding spot.

Who’s Red and Blue? by Joanna Bickness – I wasn’t sure until I opened the book, and oh, of course, that’s who’s red and blue. This is a small board book containing pictures of different animals of different colors, including a green frog, a yellow chick, and a red and blue _____.

ABC’s by Charlie Harper is a simple, straightforward ABC board book. My baby seems to like it. There are several letters and corresponding illustrations on a page spread.


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