Baby Products that Have Served Us Well

When you have a baby, it’s amazing the amount of stuff that you need to get (ok, a lot of it you don’t really “need” but it’s nice to have). I’d like to mention a few of the items that we have found to be very beneficial over the last year. These are just a few of many, but they are a great start (and make great registry items and/or baby shower gifts).

A+D – per our doctor’s advice, we have consistently applied it to our baby’s bottom every time we change her diaper, and she has NEVER had a diaper rash.

aden + anais muslin swaddles – A friend of mine gave a four-pack of these to me as a baby shower gift, and I love them! They are light-weight, super soft, a perfect size (large enough to make a good swaddle when baby’s very young), and extremely versatile. They get softer and softer every time you wash them. I keep one at all times in my baby’s crib, and loosely wrap it around her when she goes to bed. One stays downstairs, and my baby now grabs it when it’s time for her to take a nap, and one goes with us on outings. I believe you can find these at Target, or you can order them from this website: .

7th Generation Chlorine Free Wipes – We had tried another brand and didn’t like it as much as these. They’re gentle yet effective.

Mustela products – We have been using the 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash from her first bath until now. It’s very gentle even for sensitive skin, and has a nice subtle fragrance. We also like the facial wipes for a quick wipe down (especially effective for cleaning those difficult-to-get-to places on an infant’s neck).

Diaper Genie – My husband said that this was the greatest baby gift we received. Period.

Baby Genius Dreamtime Lullabies music CD – I have written about this before, but it’s worth repeating. From the day we brought our baby home from the hospital, we have liked to play soft lullaby music on an ongoing basis. We have several great CDs for this, but this one is our favorite. I still play it every morning when we get up and go into the kitchen (see )

Other items: a good, large, sturdy diaper bag; lots of bibs; socks; hand sanitizer; bottle warmer (for heating refrigerated pumped breast milk); wipe warmer; a good baby monitor with video screen; baby lotion; Mylicon; Infants’ Tylenol Concentrated Drops; glider chair in baby’s room; shelves above the changing table for easy-to reach items like extra diapers, A+D, lotion, etc.; and a dimmer on the light switch.


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