Aha Moment

I debated about whether or not to write about this topic. It’s kind of personal and a little embarrassing, but I decided to go ahead with it anyway.

The topic: weight.

After having my baby I thought I’d have plenty of time to drop the baby weight (and then some), so for the time being I didn’t worry about it. In fact, while breastfeeding the first 6 months, it wasn’t that much of an issue (it was a little bit, but I felt like I was burning extra calories and I was nourishing my baby, which was most important for the moment and I could lose weight afterward). When I stopped nursing, I started putting on more weight. I was no longer burning those extra calories yet I was consuming just as many calories, or more.

I was going out to lunch and ordering chicken sandwiches with fries. I was having weekly pizza night with my husband and eating as many slices as he was. I was snacking – chips, Girl Scout cookies, microwavable gut busters. It was like I didn’t even care.

Now, one year after giving birth, I’m hardly recognizable to myself. And, I just realized that. And I do care.

Here’s what happened (my breaking point, the straw the broke the camel’s back, my aha moment):

It wasn’t the shopping and trying on clothes that don’t fit or look terrible on me. This did make my think, oh, I definitely need to lose weight, but I’ll start tomorrow. It wasn’t the thought of summer coming, and baby’s swim lessons, and me having to don a bathing suit. Although, this did alarm me. It wasn’t reorganizing my closet and being reminded of all the clothes I want to wear (but can’t right now). This did push me closer.

These events helped to build the desire to change this undesirable situation. But it took something else to fully push me up off my #+?#@ and do something about it.

I was looking at some pictures taken on my camera from my baby’s one-year birthday celebration. While looking at one picture, I thought to myself, who’s that lady holding my baby? Then I did a double-take, wait a minute, that’s me. That’s me???!!! I literally did not recognize myself. I continued to view the pictures in horror. What has happened here? That was it. No more. I will not continue to be “that lady.”

So, here I go. Motivation is at an all time high. My transformation begins.


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