Mommy’s Ingenious Barricade to Mischief

It’s amazing how excited my baby gets when she thinks she’s getting away with something, when she has something she thinks she’s not supposed to have, or when she’s going somewhere she’s not supposed to go. It’s some kind of thrill for her. I guess she finds it humorous to see how I am going to react. She is inspired by the attention these acts bring.

I admit, even though I probably shouldn’t, I play into this attention-for-monkey business. I’ll say “uh oh, what do have? What are you doing? Where are you going?” This makes her light up, smile deviously, chuckle, and continue doing what she’s doing/not supposed to do. And, I laugh.

Sometimes I’m not playing but she thinks I am. That’s probably because she doesn’t know the difference between the two. And why would she?

For example, when she is crawling fast toward some steps she wants to climb in the family room, I will shake my finger at her while saying “no, no!” She usually reacts by stopping (momentarily), sitting up, looking at me, smiling, and shaking her finger back at me. I can’t help but crack up. Then she resumes her journey until I swoop in and pick her up. She will do this indefinitely, until I finally have to put an end to it.

And I have recently found an ingenious way to put an end to it (at least for the time being). I have begun building a barricade out of toy boxes and baskets. So far, she’s stumped. She now gets to her previous devious destination, and is unable to proceed. It’s great though because she gets side-tracked by all the toys in the obstruction and forgets all about her mischievous intention.



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