Daddy’s Ingenious Barricade to Mischief

Sometimes Daddy is even more ingenious than Mommy. While my temporary solution to keeping my baby from climbing the steps out of the family room and into the kitchen (toy boxes and baskets) was clever, it was a tripping hazard. So, my husband went out – on his own – to Babies R Us, and bought a more permanent and sensible barrier.


One comment

  1. We just got the same gate for the bottom and top of our stairs, you'll love it, its very safe and secure! Im so glad your enjoying your precious baby, it only gets more and more fun! I LOVE TWO, hes a blast, I dont believe the whole terrible-two's idea, hes pure joy! We are expecting another baby at the beginning of November, hopefully this pregnancy will go better than our last. We are scared, but very hopeful! Hope to get to meet your beautiful girl one day! Love to the Granieri Family, from the Cooks and Reids! (Jen Cook)


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