Mommy’s Little Easter Ham: Baby’s First Visit with Easter Bunny

I wasn’t sure how my 1-year-old would react to being handled by a giant human bunny. I wondered if she would be afraid like I apparently was at my first (or second?) Easter Bunny visit. There is a picture of me somewhere (I wish I could find it now, I’d post it here) at about 1 and ½ years old, crying hysterically and trying to flee from the clutch of this creature. I really can’t blame baby me. That particular bunny was clown-like and downright frightening.

So on Friday, while standing in line at the mall, Siena was getting bored, restless, fussy. It wasn’t looking good. Luckily, once the bunny got back from his lunch break, the line went pretty fast. Soon it was our turn. I took Siena out of her stroller, put her on the rabbit’s lap, stuck her Easter bow clip in her hair, and stood back by the photographer. Then, it was like “lights, camera, action!” Showtime! She was on. The photographer and I started calling out, “Siena, smile!” And she smiled and smiled. For all three shots.

I was lucky because the child who went after Siena, who appeared to be about the same age as her, was screaming and absolutely refused to go near that bunny. Siena, on the other hand, seemed completely unaware that she was sitting on the lap of some fuzzy, funny-looking stranger.

It was much the same way at our first Santa visit. She just sat willingly on his lap and smiled for the picture (and that time we had just come from her 9-month checkup, she had gotten shots, and was a little drowsy from Baby Motrin). She was also a natural at her two professional photo shoots, really hamming it up at the most recent one. The only place it seems I can’t always get her to cooperate is at home with me taking the pictures. For example, see:

Maybe it has something to do with the thrill of being in a new place with new faces, and having an audience.

I believe I have a little ham on my hands.

Happy Easter everyone!


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