Fun Girlfriends Activity: Cooking Through the Alphabet

My hair stylist and her friends have a really cool idea. They get together every week at one of their homes and have a “Cooking Through the Alphabet” party where they all cook a meal with every dish beginning with a designated letter.

Each week, one person hosts the party at her home. Everyone brings some assigned portion of the ingredients, and then they all make the meal together with some more experienced cooks taking a more leadership role, and less experienced cooks learning. Week by week, they’ll do this starting with A and ending with Z.

Everyone brings some portion of the ingredients, and together they make (and enjoy) a signature cocktail, an appetizer, main dish, side dish/es, and dessert that somehow begin with that week’s letter of the alphabet. For example, for A, they had Appletinis, artichoke dip, ahi tuna, and asparagus. They decided to forgo dessert, but I think apple pie would be appropriate. My hair stylist said she was looking forward to C so she could have Cosmos. Ummm and maybe crab cakes, and Crème Brule. I was thinking some fun ideas for different letters might be: M – Margaritas or Mojitos or mimosas, meatballs or mac and cheese, and mud pies. For S, you could do sangria, shrimp cocktail, stir fry, and strawberry shortcake. For W you could do a wine tasting night. The possibilities are endless.

My hair stylist said that when they get to tougher letters, like Q, X, Y, Z, they will make up names for their dishes. It sounds like a fun way for girlfriends to connect and unwind. You could also do it with couples or mothers and daughters. I’d love to do something like this with a group of girlfriends later when I’m done with school and my baby’s a little older.

Does anyone else out there do something like this (or maybe Bunco, a book club, wine tasting nights, etc.)? I’d love to hear about it.


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