In Honor of Earth Day: Green Like Bobbo

My husband, Bob, also known affectionately as Bobbo, really likes to be efficient, and at the same time, eco-friendly. He’s a busy guy, and even when he’s not busy, he’s busy. And when he’s not doing, he’s finding out – about the latest and greatest in this and that. When he found out about this energy efficient tankless water system, he had to have it. And now, we have it (actually, we’ve had it for a few years now). It’s been great, ever since we worked out a few initial kinks: it took forever for the water to heat up. You’d sit there with the water running and running, waiting for it to get warm. This kind of defeated the whole purpose of this energy-efficient product. And it made me yearn for my old not-tankless water system.

But, Bobbo, being Bobbo, found a solution to the problem. Now we have this special button-type device (actually, we have one in the kitchen and one in each bathroom) that allows us to heat up the water prior to turning on the faucet. You press the button, wait about five minutes, turn on the water, and voila: it’s already hot. It saves you from having to have the water running – wasting – while it warms up. I guess the technology behind it is that pressing the button sends some kind of signal to the system, which sends the water into the heater, and then up through the pipes (or something like that). Bobbo is really proud of this high-tech feature, and loves to show it off to our guests, explaining to them how it works, and so on.

Our tankless water system works in conjunction with another capable device: the water softener system, which, as Bobbo says, saves our pipes from the damage of the naturally hard water we have around here. And Bobbo doesn’t use just the regular salt softener stuff, oh no, he uses a special potassium-something-or-other blend, which is supposed to be even more efficient and pipe friendly.

In addition to all of this, Bobbo got us an R.O. system (that’s reverse osmosis). This is a device that goes under our kitchen sink that filters tap water into drinkable water through a special process which I don’t really understand. Bobbo’s reason for this? Me. And, my bottled water habit. I drink so much water that I’m going through bottles a little too rapidly for Bobbo’s liking. Bobbo sees this as wasteful – resource-wise and money-wise. Even though we do recycle. And thus, his solution: the R.O. system. Same amount of water drunk by me; fewer bottles, less waste.

Bobbo’s doing his part to make the planet a little greener, and at the same time, save a little money. He invites others to join him in his efforts, and recommends his tried-and-true systems to various friends and neighbors.

The only way Bobbo can think of to conserve even more in the water arena is by convincing me to take shorter showers (and believe me he’s tried). If he can figure out a way for that to happen and allow me to still wash, rinse, condition, and rinse my hair, then fine. Knowing him, he’ll probably think of something.


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