These Are a Few of Her Favorite Things (To Play With)

These are some of my 13-month-old daughter Siena’s favorite things to play with now (well, these are her favorites next to things she wants to play with but shouldn’t have like paper towels, the TV remote, cordless phone, the stairs, our dog’s tail, etc.).

From the top:

Siena is playing with one of those old-school toy phones. She loves the ringing sound of the dial. Sometimes, it’s the simple things. Also shown here are an activity table that has a learning mode and music mode, makes all kinds of neat sounds, and is great for practicing standing up. There is a Brainy Baby toy with music and sounds, and a rolling sounds ball that encourages crawling, which is also pictured below, in action.

The Precious Planet Jumparoo is a long-standing favorite. She started using it when she was 4 months old, and still enjoys it.

Below that is another look at the activity table.

The next two photos are of this great product: Friendly Toys Little Playzone with Sound and Lights. It’s not only fun with buttons inside that make music, but it’s also a great temporary baby holding station. I ordered it from with this function in mind.

Finally, a classic. The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home Playset. It does all kinds of things and has a learning mod and a music mode as well as two sides with different activities. She rings the doorbell, moves the hands on the clock, turns the light switch on and off, opens and closes the door, and more, with each action producing a sound effect of some sort.



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