I Write the Songs (Of Love and Silly Things)

Since my baby was born, I’ve had this intermittent inspiration to make up songs to sing to her. Sometimes they just come to me.

The first one popped into my head the day after we got home from the hospital. It goes:

Siena. Siena.
Siena is my sweetheart.
Siena. Siena.
Siena is my sunshine.
I love you, Siena.
You are my little baby.
Siena. Siena.
You are my whole wide world.

I still incorporate it into to her bedtime medley nightly along with “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “Rock-a-Bye Baby,” and “You Are My Sunshine.” I think she likes it. I’m not sure. I like singing it, anyway.

The other original hit of mine that has endured is a classic in our home. It’s become her theme song. I made it up one day when she was fussing. I thought it had persuasive power – think and you shall be, be the solution – a self-fulfilling prophecy. It goes:

Who’s the happiest girl in the whole wide world?
Si-en-a Rose Granieri

Simple, yet effective (sometimes). Sung over and over, it has a hypnotic effect. I shared my masterpiece with my husband, who loved it and made it his own. Now we (and anyone else who happens to be around) sing it in unison, in harmony. My baby usually stops her fussing for the time being and watches us in bewilderment (or horror, I’m not sure which). Sometimes she starts smiling. See, it really does work.

The song might make her think, wow, my parents are talented, I love to hear them sing. Or, she might be thinking, how’d I end up with these two? Either way, we are enjoying performing for our favorite (captive) audience. And I’m enjoying the fruit of my creative inspiration. I’m pretty sure, more jingles are in the works. I’ll let you know when they’re released.

What songs have you made up for your babies/kids?


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