Clubhouse Fun Zone in Ventura

I took my baby Siena to this new local kids’ attraction yesterday and she had a blast! The Clubhouse Fun Zone consists of a huge open room with all kinds of fun things for little ones to do. It’s geared toward children ages 6 years and younger, but all ages are welcome.

It was $8 for her to get in, but free for me (and for all adults). Everyone has to take their shoes off before going in (adults must wear socks; kids can wear socks or go barefoot) and put them in cubby holes in a separate room.

Then, you go in, and it’s this warehouse with a large carpeted area for riding tricycles, walkers, and other things with wheels, running around, playing ball, or practicing your walking skills, which is what Siena did. She literally walked around clapping, smiling and squealing with delight as she saw all the fun around her.

In one corner, there’s an area with gym mats and soft play equipment and crawling tubs. There’s a giant “clubhouse” for climbing and sliding and playing in a ball pit and other fun things.

There are these unique ride-on roller coasters, where kids sit on little cars and roll down really fast on these wooden structures. I saw kids smaller than my baby zooming down these things.

There are teeter totters, school bus and fire truck themed activity centers, a train table, and all kinds of toys. There’s even an air hockey table and a giant bounce house. There are several playhouses with little “town” components (including a gas pump). Siena went into one of the playhouses where another little girl just a few months older than her was standing. Siena walked (waddled) right up to the girl, hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. It was so cute!

Siena also took to one of the little walkers (she could sit in and ride or use to practice her walking). I ordered her one today to have at home.

Off to the side, there are tables and chairs and an entire area where you can have food (bring your own or purchase some there), kick back, or even use computers with free internet access, while you watch your kids play. Of course, this does not pertain to me yet as I need to be mobile with my little one.

This place was lots of fun and it wore us both out. We’ll definitely make it part of our fun repertoire. The only thing I regret was not brining my camera. So many missed photo ops! Next time.

The Clubhouse Fun Zone is located at 4535 McGrath St., Unit B, Ventura. For more information, call (805) 639-0414 or visit


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