Precious, Priceless, Playful Moment

Today while my baby was eating lunch in her high chair, I was turned away from her for a minute (ok I was on the computer). I heard her saying “Dada, Dada,” which I soon realized was meant for me (she must have forgotten that my name is “Mama”). I turned and looked at her and she had covered her face with a bib, waiting for me to turn around and see her so she could play peek-a-boo.

So sweet!

So, I said, “Where’s Siena? Where’s Siena?” and she pulled the bib from her face, beaming, and I said, “Peek-a-boo.” She laughed. I laughed. We did this several more times. She never gets tired of this game, and neither do I.

These are precious, priceless playful moments.


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