Finding the Right Halloween Costume for Toddler

I spent a little time yesterday shopping for this year’s Halloween costume for our 18-month-old daughter. Last year, her first Halloween, she was a pumpkin, so I was thinking that this year I’d get her something a little more girly, or princess-y.

I found lots of great costumes from many different stores including Pottery Barn Kids, Target, Disney Store, Amazon, and more. I liked several of the Disney ones (especially Minnie Mouse and Tinkebell), and a darling red, white and blue USA cheerleader costume from Target. I ended up going with one of Siena’s favorite things though, a butterfly. She notices them everywhere, points them out, and says “buh, buh!” I ordered it today (from Amazon) and am curious to see it in person (it looked really cute online).

During my search I some of costumes on that I just had to share (by the way, they have tons and tons of choices for reasonable prices). Click on the links; they’re pretty worth seeing. Enjoy.

Here are some funny baby/toddler Halloween costumes:

Car Freshener

Woopie Cushion


Hot Dog



Money Bag

This next one just might be the best, EVER!

These costumes are just cute!

Cheerleader (I almost got this one)

Little Pink Pirate

Cute Pink Bunny

Minnie Mouse

Snow White

What’s your little one going to be for Halloween this year?


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