This Past Week at a Glance

Major meltdowns on Monday morning
The time change (Spring forward!) was hard on all of us. Including our toddler, who was not happy, no matter what I tried. So, as I got myself ready (by getting up at 6:00 a.m., which was really 5:00 a.m., before she awoke) and then got her ready, and out the door on time to get her to preschool and me to work on time, we were both melting down. When I got her to school she melted down some more. She did calm down though when she got her breakfast (cereal and fruit). My own meltdown continued through the rest of the day (internally, of course) as I tried to convince myself I wasn’t exhausted.

Totally tired on Tuesday
Ok, so not much different than Monday. Two days away from turning two, my toddler threw a few tantrums too. She must have heard the news about the terrible two’s ‘cause she was trying out this tantrum thing and making it her own. As tuckered out as I was, I treaded on.

Worn-out by Wednesday
I started the week exhausted, and by the third day I was wiped. Woke up with a bloodshot left eye that wouldn’t whiten. It stayed that way well into my 13-hour-away-from-home day (work, then school, and not home until 9:00 p.m.) and the next day too. Why can’t it be the weekend already!?! Whatever.

Thankful on Thursday
For my beautiful baby girl who turned two years old! Things were getting better.

Finally, it’s Friday
Feeling good, forgetting about the frantic first few days, and looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. Sleeping in (maybe), shopping, studying, and setting the stage on Saturday. And a sensational, super special Sunday as we celebrate Siena’s second birthday!


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