Warning: This Post Contains Language Not Suitable for Young Viewers

Two-year-old or truck driver? Lately, it’s hard to tell.

My darling little girl, my sweet little princess, has recently begun blurting out “Sh…!” (you know, the “S” word). She says it with pride, great gusto and a huge smile.

It’s obviously an attempt at getting attention, and I admit that the first time/s she did it, I laughed (I didn’t mean to). Whenever she does it in front of others for the first time, they laugh. And my little sailor loves to make people laugh.

It started as a reaction to falling down. If she fell she would say “Oh, sh…!” At that time, I don’t think it was for attention. Rather, I believe she thought that’s what you say when you fall down. She must have heard someone (maybe my husband, maybe even me, but probably my husband) say it once or twice. It’s not like we cuss much, we try to watch what we say, but we all slip once in a while.

It’s amazing how little ears tune into exactly what they shouldn’t and then never forget it. They’re like super absorbent little sponges with turbo memories and wacky senses of humor.

I responded with “Whoops!” hoping she’d learn to instead say that when she fell.

My sweetie has since taken her use of the S word to the next level. She dropped the “Oh” – going straight to the punch line – and changed the venue – no longer just as a reaction to falling down but rather whenever she feels the need to entertain. She has incorporated it into her comedy routine.

She doesn’t do it all the time, and she’s usually at home when she does it. She’ll be raking in all kinds of attention and compliments from us, her grandparents, and visitors, when suddenly … “Sh…!” Then she looks at everyone for a reaction.

After we figured out that saying “Oh, you mean shirt,” didn’t help, we have begun ignoring her when she does this. Our pediatrician agreed (because we asked him about it) that this is the best response (for a child this age). When she learns that she doesn’t get attention from saying it, she’ll stop. For an older child (3 and up), you can explain how certain words are unacceptable and are not allowed.

Meanwhile, we ignore the outbursts and realize it may take some time for this habit to fade. When her grandfather was visiting the other day, Siena was entertaining us all with her cuteness when suddenly she dropped the S bomb. We all ignored her, and she proceeded to say it an additional 10 times in a row.

She also said it in the waiting room of the pediatrician’s office to a nice woman (there with her 12-year-old son) who was just finishing complimenting how cute she was. Siena yelled out “Sh…!” The woman and the boy looked at my husband and me, confused. We tried to explain how we’re trying to ignore the behavior, etc.

Anyway, I’m hopeful that this little phase will soon pass. And I’m thankful that she didn’t pick up a certain other word. As far as expletives go, I’ve heard worse.


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