Classical Baby: The Dance Show

Here’s a great DVD for little ones: “Classical Baby: The Dance Show” (produced by HBO Family). My husband’s great-aunt sent our daughter the DVD gift set (it came with a little stuffed hippopotamus, which is one of the characters in the show) for Christmas, and we’ve been playing it since. It is adorable with animated characters including babies and animals who dance to a variety of classical music.

My daughter was drawn to it right away, and now even likes to try to do some of the dances in it. Plus, my husband and I really like the soothing music.

It makes a great evening, right-before bedtime, winding down time DVD.

The DVD cover says: “The dancers are stretching and getting limber, it’s going to be a fantastic show featuring some impressive moves inspired by George Balanchine, Martha Graham, Pilobolus, plus many other great choreographers and dancers. The warm-up music has stopped, the dancers are ready, it’s time for your classical baby to begin the Dance Show!”

Other Classical Baby titles on DVD include: The Music Show, and The Art Show.


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