First Swimming Lesson

On Saturday, my 2-year-old daughter Siena had her very first swimming lesson! And she loved it!

It was so cute to see her squeal with delight as soon as she got into the pool with me. It was great because she had never been in a pool before (except for one time in a tiny kiddy wading pool a couple of months ago). It helped that this pool was bath water warm, that I was already in it, and that there were other kids and parents in it doing what appeared to be fun things.

Siena was beaming and fearless and excited. She had no problem with water in her face or eyes (yet when she gets water in her eyes in the bathtub she immediately needs to wipe them with a towel). She didn’t mind being briefly dunked under water. She reemerged smiling and laughing.

She took to the lesson right away. Naturally there were times when she wanted to do her own thing (she is 2). But for the most part, she played along. There was arm rowing while singing “Row Your Boat.” There was the “Hokey Pokey.” There was twirling, kicking, bubble blowing, back floating, and an introduction to water noodles (she insisted on having a pink one). All great fun stuff!

At one point, the kids (most of who were much younger than Siena) practiced climbing out of the pool using their elbows and knees. Then, after a count to three, they jumped in the pool to us parents. Siena couldn’t get enough of this!

Another activity involved a hoop. First Mommy (after counting to 3) swam through the hoop as the instructor held Siena. Then Siena, being gently propelled forward by the instructor, swam through the hoop to me.

Our first swimming class was a huge success! The only hard part was getting Siena to get out of the water. She didn’t want to leave (but another class was about to start). She also didn’t want to give up the water noodle. She cried when I had to take it from her and put it back. So, naturally, we had to go and buy her one.


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