Halloween Reflections

Me at age 2 on Halloween, dressed as a Spanish girl, Flamenco dancer maybe (before brother was born)

I have always loved Halloween. Maybe because my birthday is in October, and growing up I often had awesome Halloween-themed birthday parties. Maybe also because Halloween is just super fun.

Growing up, I always had good costumes. My mom usually had go-together getups made for my brother and me: cat and mouse (with a mousetrap on the tail); fireman and Dalmatian; Santa and Rudolph; cowboy and horse; Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy; Donny and Marie; Danny and Sandy (from Grease). When my brother went through his Star Wars phase, he was a Jawa, and I was nothing to do with that. I started being things like witches, vampires and hippies (you know, things that teens think are cool). One time I was Cyndi Lauper (and a few of my friends were Madonna).

In my 20s, I dressed up as a Pirate, a devil, Morticia, a pirate again and again and again.

The favorite pirate costume and husband’s infamous Superman surprise
By 30, I kind of stopped dressing up for Halloween, except for once when our neighbors had a Halloween party (see above pic).  I pulled out and dusted off the old pirate costume; and my husband did something I did not think he would do.  He pulled this Superman costume from way back when out of a box.  He said that it had always been too big for him so he had never worn it.  I urged him to try it on.  He did.  It fit like a glove.  I dared him to wear it to the party.  He did (see pic again).
Cute little pumpkin makes 3

Now that we have Siena, Halloween is all new and extra fun.  This will be her third Halloween, and the first time we will take her trick-or-treating.  So far, she has been a puffy little pumpkin (because I think all babies should be a pumpkin once) and a pretty butterfly (because she really liked butterflies at that time).  This year, she is going to be Minnie Mouse (because she has a favorite Minnie Mouse doll).  It’s exciting to think about all the Halloween fun we have to look forward to with her.

Cutest butterfly ever!
As for my husband and me, we’ll stick to wearing silly hats – for now.  In the future, we might just have to try those couple go-together getups (i.e., cop and robber, angel and devil, salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard, etc.) or maybe a family theme (Alice in Wonderland, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts; Flintstones; Goldilocks and Two Bears).  So many possibilities …

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