The Happiest Neighborhood on Earth

When my husband and I bought our current home 7 years ago, we had no idea we were moving into to the gold standard of neighborhoods.

To me, it looked a little bit like Wisteria Lane (thankfully, it wasn’t like that at all). The track houses all looked similar, yet slightly different. The lawns were perfectly coifed. American flags were displayed on many homes. When my brother first visited, he said it reminded him of the neighborhood in the movie “Poltergeist” (thankfully, it wasn’t like THAT at all).

When we first moved in, we didn’t have any kids yet, but loved the kid-friendliness and safety the double cul-de-sac provided. There were kids riding tricycles in the driveways, fathers and sons playing catch in the street, people walking dogs and pushing strollers.

We had moved to Suburbia.

Neighbors got together for barbecues and block parties. They celebrated together often. Everyone knew everyone. Everyone seemed to like each other.

We soon became part of the block. We hosted appetizers at our home during a progressive holiday party, and we held one of the New Year’s Eve parties at our house.

When I was pregnant, my neighbors had a beautiful shower for me. Now that my daughter is 3, she is reaping the benefits of living in such neighborly place. She joined in the last Halloween parade, in which all the kids and parents (and there are many) from our street and some nearby streets meet and walk together to the other side. Then, they begin Trick-or-Treating.

Yesterday, my daughter lived it up at the annual end-of-the-block Memorial Day party. This party, like those also held on July 4th and Labor Day, featured a bounce house and a kiddy swimming pool, barbecues, tents and chairs, and food and beverages galore. Everyone joins in the festivities and enjoys each other’s company – kids and grown-ups alike.

I am thankful that my daughter has the opportunity to grow up in a neighborhood like ours. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the happiest places on earth.


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