This Mom’s Too Faced! Makeup Review: Too Faced Cosmetics


I have to tell you about my FAVORITE makeup brand ever – Too Faced Cosmetics!

You might think I’m a bit biased – I’m very close with the founder Jerrod Blandino (OK, he’s my cousin and my friend).  But bias aside, it really is a superior cosmetic line.  I’d use it even if I didn’t know Jerrod (but I’m glad I do!).

Too Faced has grown exponentially since its launch in the 90’s, going from a creative vision to a globally recognized brand that’s a favorite among celebrities and non-celebrities alike, including moms like me.

I remember the days when Jerrod and his partner Jeremy were in the idea phase of creating Too Faced.  I marveled at how they jumped in and made their idea a reality, how they’ve worked to build such a successful company, and how they continue to evolve it and come out with more and more amazing products!

Too Faced Cosmetics creates superior quality makeup with a glamorous yet playful style.  It’s the perfect mix of glamour, sophistication and fun!  Too Faced offers the most gorgeous colors and textures and a wide variety of products allowing you to create just the look you’re after – from polished and chic to sweet and flirty to evening glitz and sparkle.

I’ve been a regular Too Faced user since the beginning, and I’m always thrilled to try out new products when they’re released.  I keep adding to my favorites list.

I especially love the bronzers, the lip glosses, the mascaras, the eye shadows, and everything else!

Here are some of the Too Faced products that I love:



Tinted Beauty Balm Multi-Benefit Skin Care Makeup – This is a new favorite.  It’s a light, natural foundation that primes and protects the skin and adds a smooth, matte finish.  It also has SPF 20 sunscreen in it.

Too Faced Beauty Balm foundation has SPF 20 & gives a smooth matte finish.


Absolutely Invisible Transparent Pressed Powder – An old favorite of mine, this powder adds the perfect matte finish and keeps shine at bay.

Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Face Powder and Concealer


Every single Too Faced bronzer is amazing.  I especially love Beach Bunny (a darker bronzer) and Snow Bunny (a light glowy bronzer).  I use one or both of these every day!


One of my favorite Too Faced bronzers, Beach Bunny, and Candlelight Highlighter together add great contouring and highlighting effects!


Candlelight Glow, Highlighting Powder Duo is a new favorite of mine.  It’s is great for adding a nice highlighting effect to those areas you want to pop (cheekbones, bridge of nose, chin, forehead).  It really does add a candlelight-like glow!

Other Favorite Too Faced Face Products: I love the face palettes, especially the Natural Face Palette, which includes the perfect combination of blushes, bronzers and highlighters.  I also love the Absolutely Flawless concealer.


Eye Shadows

Too Faced has the best eye shadows you will find anywhere.  The colors and textures are perfect.  You can buy the eye shadows individually or grouped cohesively in a variety of eye shadow palettes.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette has shades of brown, cream, pinks and plums.
The outside looks like a chocolate bar!

My new favorite palette is the Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection.  It has every eye shadow color I use (and a few extras) and includes some shimmering and some matte in shades of browns, tans, creams (my fav’s) as well as pinks and plums.  They are packaged in a cute case that looks like a chocolate bar, and come with a how-to Glamour Guide that shows you how to create three different looks.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow palette comes with a how-to guide for creating 3 different looks.

Some of my other favorite eye shadow palettes are Natural Eyes, Natural Matte, and the beautiful new Love Palette, which would make a great gift!  The Love Palette is packaged gorgeously with 15 luxurious eye shadows displayed in three groupings featuring hearts in the centers.  It also comes with a Perfect Eyes eyeliner.

Too Faced Love Eye Shadow Palette makes a great gift!


Lashgasm Mascara (for length) – This mascara is really easy to use.  The brush is thin and glides through the lashes and extends them.

Too Faced Lashgasm brush – thin and easy to use, results in long lashes

Better Than Sex Mascara (for fullness) – For me, the brush took a little getting used to.  The brush is thick and has kind of an hourglass shape.  But with a little practice and playing with it, I figured out how to work it.  Now it’s easy and I love the result: thick, full lashes.

A Too Faced top seller: Better Than Sex Mascara – provides lush, full, thick amazing lashes
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara’s brush has a somewhat hour glass shape

Bonus: Use the both Lashgasm and Better Than Sex together for extra-long, full lashes.  I start with Better Than Sex and then extend the lashes with Lashgasm.

My lashes after using Too Faced Better Than Sex and Lashgasm mascaras: long, full, thick lashes


The Brow-Nie brow pencil is great for filling in and shaping up brows.  Plus, it is water-resistant and it has a grooming brush on the other end.

Instant Attitude Brow Lift – This is a thick pencil in a soft matte, vanilla cream shade that, when applied to the brow bone, has a highlighting and brow “lifting” effect.


Other eye fav’s: The Perfect Eyes Eye Liner is waterproof, glides on easily and lasts all day!  It also has an angled “smudger” on one end for blending.


I’ve always loved Too Faced Perfect Lips lip liner (my favorite shade is Perfect Pink), La Crème lipsticks (I love Spice Spice Baby), and all of the lip glosses.

My favorite lip liner: Too Faced Perfect Lips

A new favorite is Lip Injection Color Bomb! (I have it in Candy Burst and Coral Pop)  It’s like an extra-thick lip liner/lip stick combo with a slight plumping effect.  It goes on with a little tingle and remains smooth and soft.

Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb gives lips a little boost with plumping, softness, color that pops, and shine!

Accessories: Brushes

Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set – This set includes five professional quality brushes (Powder Brush, Blending Fluff Brush, Angled Eye Shadow Brush, Small Crease Brush, and Angled Liner/Brow Brush) made from super-soft “Teddy Bear Hair,” which is non-animal hair.  The brushes come in a cute case that’s gold with pink hearts and has an adorable teddy bear zipper.

Retractable Bronze-Buki Brush – portable, great for a little bronzer touch-up on the go.

You can find Too Faced Cosmetics at Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta, and many other stores (based on your location).  You can also order Too Faced, learn more about it, and find a location where it’s sold near you at

Fun Fact About Too Faced:

Where did the name Too Faced come from?  It’s a fun term created by Founder Jerrod Blandino to describe women who highly value their makeup and style.  Back in his days of working behind cosmetic counters, he’s affectionately describe these women as “Too Faced.”

IMG_2851 (1)
Me, Siena & Jerrod goofing off at an Italian restaurant


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